Ms. Baxter

Hi! I'm Ms. Baxter. I have been teaching art here at St. Rose of Lima for 10 years.

My very favorite thing to do is be in the art room creating art with my students!

You can also find me spending time with my two daughters, husband, and dog.

I love the outdoors, reading, and music. Thanks for stopping by!

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How To Talk To Kids

About Their Art

  • Instead of "What is it?" say: "Tell me about it!"  Kids love to be the narrator of their ideas.


  • Be specific in your compliments: "I like the way you drew that zig zag line!" We all love a compliment and when we are specific it demonstrates how genuine and interested we are.

  • Ask interesting open ended questions: "How did you do that?" "How did you get that idea?" Having kids reflect on their process and ideas is a great learning tool. They will use it for the rest of their life!

  • Ask them how or where they would like to display their art. Being in charge of the display (or no display) of their work is very empowering.